Taking The message of jesus across the world

We're excited to take the message of the Gospel to places and people who may have never heard or truly understood who Jesus is, and the hope of salvation we find in Him alone. Let us know you're interested in joining us on a trip by taking a few moments to complete the application below.

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Please note that all mission trip dates are tentative. Dates may be adjusted to meet the needs from the field or to adjust to special events at Crossway. We will do all that we can to keep dates in the same week as advertised. Any date change will be communicated to team members prior to final commitment for a trip. A "General Mission Trip Training" session will be offered throughout the year and is required for anyone wanting to participate on a missions team. There will also be two or three team training sessions prior to each trip; team members are expected to attend these meetings. It is the responsibility of each participant to check with their doctor for any immunizations or medicines needed for a particular trip. Crossway Baptist Church does not give medical advice. All participants for mission trips must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by at least one parent (does not apply to middle school and high school mission trips). Trips to secure locations may have further restrictions. Younger children will be accepted on to teams on an individual basis. Members of Crossway for more than four months and and involved in a Bible Fellowship class may be eligible for a 50% HelpGo discount on each trip. Details about HelpGo will be given at the training session.
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