What Is Tithing?

Tithing (which means "a tenth") is the first 10% of your income before taxes or anything else taken out of your paycheck. The Scripture tells us to bring our tithe to the "storehouse," meaning the local church. Your church is your storehouse of spiritual blessing and is the right place to give your tithe.

When we bring our first and best before God, He promises to bless the rest. We cannot give more than God can bless and when we take the step in obedience to follow the Scripture, we will see spiritual growth in our lives.

We Believe You Can't Outgive God

Giving allows us to follow the Biblical method for supporting God's work and demonstrates He is more important to us than material things. Offerings are collected during each Sunday service; online giving is available if you prefer the convenience of making a contribution anytime. Members are encouraged to give online through The City. One time gifts are available for guests that would like to make a contribution.


Giving In Person

Each week, we offer the opportunity to give your gift by placing it in the offering bag at the end of the service, or by dropping it off at the Resource/Connect Center. For your convenience, offering envelopes are available in the pew or the Resource/Connect Center for your gift of cash. Please label your envelope with the proper information before giving.


Give Through A Text 

Text the number 417-319-6782 with a dollar sign and the amount that you wish you contribute (ex: $25) for General Fund contributions. If you wish to give to the Mission fund text a dollar sign and the amount with Missions ($25 Missions) and for Building Fund text a dollar sign and the amount with Bldg ($25 Bldg). 

A seperate text must be sent for each donation. Within a few minutes, you will recieve a text with a link to register your information and payment method. Once the registration is complete, you will recieve a confirmation text and an email with your receipt.



Email your questions to, or contact the church office at 417.865.7311.