To The Ends Of The Earth

Our challenge is to see people involved in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) given to us by Jesus. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to hear the Gospel and it is our Biblical mandate to take the message of Jesus to our community, our nation and to the ends of the Earth.

All trips shown occur in 2019


Mission Trip Q&A

  • Can I Raise Support For My Trip?

    Support can be raised for your missions trip from family and friends, but we ask that you do not seek support from individuals in our church. Members of our church support individuals who need assistance through the Help Go Fund.

  • Do I Need To Attend All Team Meetings?

    Yes, team meetings are a mandatory part of the missions trip. During team meetings, you have the opportunity to meet the other team members, learn about what will be happening during the trip and receive crucial information about your upcoming trip. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances. If you cannot attend a team meeting, please let your team leader know.

  • How Much Spending Money Should I Bring?

    The amount of personal spending money you bring will depend on how much you would like to spend. A safe amount is usually between $100 - $200 US dollars depending on the exchange rate of the country and length of trip. Personal spending money will not be included in the cost of your trip.

  • Is There An Age And/Or Physical Requirements To Attend A Trip?

    Participants age 18 and over can travel alone. Younger participants may travel with approval from the Minister of Missions and must be accompanied by at least one parent and/or guardian. Each trip requires a different set of people and it is important that we have team members on trips where they will fit the needs of that trip and the local missions efforts. If you have any health concerns or medical issues, please let us know on your application.

  • What Is HelpGo Cost?

    Help Go is an offering taken by our church to help support members who desire to participate on international mission trips. The Help Go discount is only available for people who have been members of Crossway Baptist Church for at least four months and are active in a Bible Fellowship class. If you have questions about if you qualify for Help Go, please contact Deanna Crawford at

  • Can I Attend A Trip If I Am Not A Member Of Crossway?

    If you are not a member of Crossway Baptist Church, you can still attend one of our short-term missions trips with the permission of the Minister of Missions. If you are not a member, you do not qualify for our Help Go discount and are expected to pay full price.

  • What Should I Do If I Cannot Attend A Trip?

    If for some reason you are unable to make it on your scheduled mission trip, please contact the church office immediately. We will try our best to work with you, but once airline tickets have been purchased, the holding deposit is nonrefundable.

  • How Do I Get A Passport?

    Passport applications can be downloaded from The passport form must be presented and signed in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility. You will need to bring your actual birth certificate and two passport photos. If you are planning to attend an international mission trip, we recommend applying immediately as it can often take time for you to receive your passport.